About Grand Master Hyong

Master Namsoo Hyong began studying Tae Kwon Do at the age of nine, when his elder brother, Nam Kwon Hyong, introduced him to their traditional family education. He continued this training until the age of 14, when Nam Kwon left Korea to study Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At this time Namsoo joined his high school Tae Kwon Do team, and soon after joined a local Academy, both of which focused primarily of Tae Kwon Do as a competative sport. Namsoo continued this training for 10 years, rising through the ranks of Korean national competitors.

In 1980, Namsoo joined his brother in the United States and took over the Academy Nam Kwon had established in Champaign, IL, as well as the Illini Tae Kwon Do club at the University of Illinios. From 1980-1984, both masters continued to participate in Tae Kwon Do competition through the Amateur Athletic Union.

In 1984 Master Hyong began to change his philosophy and teaching style toward Tae Kwon Do, transforming his practice from a competitive orientation into one of emphasizing individual self-improvement. He realized that competition was an inadequate means of achieving the ends of Martial Arts practice: physical, psychological and philisophical development. For a thorough discussion of this issue, see Master Hyong's article published in the April 1994 issue of Tae Kwon Do Times.

In 1990, Master Hyong established "Moo Do Tae Kwon Do", which translates as the "art" of Tae Kwon Do, as opposed to "sport." In 1993, Master Hyong was the first to write about and publicize Tae Kwon Do in this way, presenting a paper entitled "Tae Kwon Do at a Crossroads: Some Thoughts About its Future" at a conference held by Michigan State University entitled "Transfromation in the Korean Peninsula Toward the 21st Century: Peace, Unity, and Progress." Master Hyong is continuing to develop this new and uncharted territory in Martial Arts practice.

1981 to 1987 Parkland College, Psychology, Public Speech, Business and English.
1985 to 1998 A Member of Korean Study and Research at University of Illinois
1996 to 1997 MBA Professor Tim Wentling at University of Illinois. Leadership, Teaching, Delegation, Event Management, Hiring, Changing theories. Motivation and Problem Solving
2001 to 2008 East Asian Study from Department of Cultural Anthropology at University of Illinois, Professor Nancy Abelmann
1984 to Current MooDo Taekwondo(President of HMD Academy Inc)
1983 Changed Yellow page ad section from Karate to Martial Arts in Illinois and following year Florida and entire state in USA
1999 to current USA Delegate for WoMau(World Martial Arts Union)
2002 to 2004 Adviser of Korean Student Association at University of Illinois
2013 and 2015 Korean Peace Day at University of Illinois with 50 other major Universities.
2011 Campus Safety at University of Illinois(25 Asian women were victimized)
2005 to 2010 Adviser of Korean Visiting Scholar Association
2014 to 2018 President of American Intangible Cultural Heritage
2001 Business and Businessman of the year Rotary Club of Savoy
2010 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and Leadership Program, under the Patronage of UNESCO.(Korean National University
2015 Native American Mounted Archery
2009 Outstanding Contribution to the C40 Cities Technology & Management International Case Competition from Seoul National University, University of Illinois, Korea University, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2016 Distinguished Service Award From C-U Immigration Forum.