Hapkido is a soft-style martial art which integrates joint locks, pressure points, kicks and strikes for a complete system of self-defense.

Hap - Coordination
Ki - Power
Do - The way of

Hapkido is "the way of coordinated power.”

Unlike most martial arts, Hapkido is strictly defensive. Most techniques learned in Hapkido redirect an attacker’s force instead of meeting it head on by incorporating three main principles:

  1. Non or least resistance
  2. Circular motion
  3. The water principle

Nonresistance means remaining relaxed and not opposing an attacker's strength directly.

Circular motion is the redirection of an attack's power into a circular pattern, allowing the defender to use it to his or her own advantage.

The water principle is so-called because hapkido is "soft"; it will find the easiest way around any obstacle, much like water.

Hapkido helps instill confidence, disciple, respect, honor and perseverance.

Hapkido at HMD Academy

Having access to a location like HMD Academy in Savoy is very fortunate. The facility allows a safe and controlled area. Plenty of room, full coverage of mats, and equipment makes it very easy teach new students the importance of falling without incurring injuries.

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