By Definition, Self-Leadership Means:

Learning How to Lead Oneself

It’s not possible to give what you do not have.  In this particular example, you cannot attempt to lead others until you have developed the discipline and art of leading yourself.

 You are going to learn:

  • How to become an independently responsible person.
  • To set goals and set up a system to achieve success.
  • As parents, to help children grow into fully responsible people through education and reinforcement.
  • To leap into action as a knowledgeable, reliable, emotionally strong, and courageous leader.

The outcome we are seeking is good people, good society. We want to help young minds develop into maturity, to help parents communicate and show their values to their children, to help people learn to care for others effectively. In Korean, the process is called “Insung Gyokyook:” obtaining the right kind of knowledge, managing our emotions, and developing more courage.

Grandmaster Hyong, Ph.d, 8th degree black belt, has spent 30 years developing and teaching this program to be shared through HMD Academy.