Tae Kwon Do for All Ages


Through disciplined training, children develop self-esteem, motor skills, and how to carry through on assigned tasks.

Young Adults

Teenagers and young adults find the training to be beneficial in developing leadership skills, learning self-defense, and preparing for the independence of adulthood.


Adults of all ages come to learn stress-management techniques, develop healthier cardiovascular systems, and improve coordination and flexibility.

What Are Your Goals?


Learn to set good goals and attain them, feel yourself becoming stronger and healthier, and experience greater inner peace.


Health and Well-Being

Learn stress-management techniques, develop a healthier cardiovascular system, and improve coordination and flexibility.



Learn realistic street self-defense techniques and develop a greater sense of self-confidence.

Grand Master Namsoo Hyong

A former nationally ranked Tae Kwon Do athlete in South Korea, Grand Master Namsoo Hyong began to reevaluate his philosophy and teaching style shortly after becoming the head of his own academy. He transformed his practice from a competitive orientation into a cooperative one that emphasizes individual self-improvement. 

Grand Master Hyong saw that competition was an inadequate means of achieving the goals of martial arts practice: physical, psychological and philosophical development. He thus established Moo Do Tae Kwon Do, which translates as the art of Tae Kwon Do, as opposed to approaching Tae Kwon Do as a sport.

In his network of affiliated academies across Central Illinois, Grand Master Hyong continues to develop and teach this unique approach. 

What We Teach

Tae Kwon Do

While learning traditional kicks and punches, HMD Academy students also receive individualized instruction in the artistic nature of Tae Kwon Do.


Hapkido uses the the natural motions and rhythms of the body to produce a martial art that focuses on close-quarters and grappling techniques.  It is an extremely successful form of self-defense.


Similar to Tai Chi, Taekgyeon utilizes controlled, graceful movements, low-impact blocks, strikes, and kicks, and traditional forms. Gold Medalist Bokyun Hyong offers classes in this ancient martial art.

Women’s Classes

Free for all female members, this class is for female students to practice and explore what it means to be a martial artist in a predominantly male arena.  Students focus on strength, correct technique, and mental toughness while building a community of friendship and support with other like-minded female martial artists.


Coaching outside the dojang as well as inside, this program offers valuable lessons for life and every type of work. It encompasses four powerful methods of teaching: Wisdom of Tae Kwon Do, Cutting-Edge Neurology, Achievement Motivation, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.